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Preserve the satiny soft skin of your Baby!

I envisaged snuggling my baby in her birthday suit and thought babies come in peaches and milk complexion! But that is not exactly what happens. The little bundle’s largest organ, the epidermis is more likely to be blotchy, bumpy, and anything but perfect for the first couple of months.

Also, baby’s skin is 3 times thinner and loses moisture two times faster than our skin. This calls for utmost care for baby’s skin.

There are a few points I learnt ,while taking care of my baby’s skin, and subsequently protect baby from rashes due to dry skin. Dry skin in newborn babies can be caused by their skin being exposed to dry room air. When you notice that your newborn baby has extremely dry skin, you need to consider using a moisturizer. Quite often, doctors recommend using a moisturizer that is natural and free from harmful ingredients.

A lotion can help heal and soothe dry skin. When babies become a little older, say about 7-8 months, there’s nothing quite as smooth as their skin. Brand new and unblemished, I spend hours with my baby sleeping on my chest, running my hand down her back or along her chubby little arms. There’s nothing like it!

Here’s everything you need to know which lotion might work best to keep their skin soft and supple

Knowing that whatever goes on baby’s skin goes into their body, it is very essential to choose the right moisturizer.

With store shelves overflowing with different formulations and brands, choosing the right product to meet your little one’s needs can be tricky. And, it becomes even more complicated when you factor in that infant skin is easily irritated by fragrances, dyes, and other ingredients in skin care products and the environment. 

Look for lotions made only for babies:

Some lotions are made for individuals of all ages. These multi-age lotions may work well with adults but may not be suitable for kids. Choose lotions that are intended only for babies as manufacturers of such moisturizing baby lotions keep in mind the special needs of an infant’s skin.

1. Skin Condition: Are you trying to keep your baby’s skin hydrated? Choose the best product for your specific purpose. 

2. Ingredients: Look at the ingredient list. Natural formulations are the best. 

3. Fragrances:  Since baby’s skin is very sensitive, it is best to use a mild, natural fragrance, as synthetic fragrance additives have the potential to irritate the skin.

I’ve been using Himalaya Baby Lotion from their BabyCare range, which checks all of the above and more!

Why Himalaya Babycare Baby Lotion

1. Himalaya Baby Lotion helps replenish moisture, leaving the skin soft and supple. Rich moisturizers give baby’s delicate skin an immediate moisture boost.

2. It’s a natural formulation.

3. It’s lightweight and non-greasy.

4. Contains natural Olive Oil, which improves skin luster, and Almond Oil that restores skin moisture and nourishes the skin.

5. Works well for dry skin.

6. Mild and safe even for babies with delicate skin.

7. Hypoallergenic and free of mineral oils, parabens, sulfates, artificial colors, and animal-derived ingredients.

How to use the Himalaya Babycare Baby Lotion

1. Keep your baby’s skin hydrated by bathing her in warm water for only 3 to 5 minutes. Avoid letting your baby sit or play or soak for long in soapy water. 

2. Towel dry your baby.

3. Apply Himalaya Baby Lotion immediately after the bath while her skin is still damp, since it’s the best time to moisturize the skin.

It serves two purposes:

  • It seals in the moisture from bath time into baby’s skin.
  • It prevents baby’s skin from drying out after the bath.

4. Pat dry instead of rubbing.

You can also apply Himalaya Baby Lotion twice a day both during summers and winters, which can irritate your baby’s skin and rob it of moisture.

You can use it anytime you notice dry skin or another condition that could benefit from hydration.

My take on Himalaya Baby Lotion:

It’s my personal favorite and I use this regularly on my little one. As mentioned above, it ensures soft and supple skin. It also is quite affordable and easily available.

Precautions to take while applying Lotions

There are many skin conditions common to babies. If your little one has a condition that persists for a week or more, see your doctor for treatment recommendations. And, never apply lotions, creams, or ointments to an open sore or wound without consulting your pediatrician.

I’ve found the perfect moisturizer to keep baby’s skin soft, supple, and rash-free. You can give it a try too! More details on

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  1. Even though my son has grown up and is 7 years old but I still use Himalaya Baby Lotion for him coz I love the soft and gentle skin it leaves behind..

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  3. When my baby was just born my doctor came to see me. The first thing she told me was to get Himalaya products. It is trusted by mother’s as well was doctors.

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