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A step towards “Digital India” – Say no to rote learning

It’s been almost 10 years since I graduated, but I still vividly remember – come exams and all of us used to be buried in books trying to mug up chemical formulae or historical landmarks.The better the recall, better the grades! Understanding or not understanding the subject was maybe not so important.

Back then, if we were to look into the future, the first rankers would have definitely made it big in life and the last benchers would be at average positions. But what surprises me is that some of the “Hopeless cases” are doing extremely well too!

The key mantra to be successful in any field is understanding the concepts in detail instead of rote learning. Let’s understand more about rote learning and its disadvantages

What is rote learning?

Rote learning is the memorization of information by repetition. Examples of rote learning include memorizing the alphabet, numbers, and multiplication tables. But, this method of learning has a lot of disadvantages – It is short lived, is too mechanical, hampers cognitive development and it’s difficult to apply the concepts in real life

The benefit of computer use in Teaching

A relatively new method of teaching in schools, PC-enabled learning, is an interactive and very sensory way of learning so students stay alert while studying.

It could also be termed as “Meaningful learning”, where kids understand the subject more in detail instead of just reading about it on a surface level with the purpose of long-term recall.

Examples include virtual field trips, quizzes, videos, presentations etc.

PC use in school can help make learning fun

Teachers can make learning very interesting! PC use in school can help:

Give the regular syllabus a fun twist with puzzles, help provide information for debates, help make test papers, aid visual learning.

PC use at home can help aid deeper understanding

Make diagrams, flowcharts, presentations which are a very good way of simplifying complex data, apply theory for real with experiments, aid group discussions, make quizzes, practice papers, make flashcards, notes

With a PC we have an option to skip rote learning for exams and for life!

Now that we have understood rote learning in detail, let’s also know how Dell India is contributing in bringing about a change with #DellAntiRoteDay

Watch this video by Dell India to know why digital literacy is so important for “Digital India”

About Dell Aarambh and how can each one of us contribute?

PC penetration in India stands at 10%, even as parents and teachers have realized the importance of PC for education they have don’t have much knowledge of how to use a PC for better learning.

Dell Aarambh is a pan-India “PC for Education” initiative engineered to enhance learning using the power of technology

The objective is to equip teachers and parents all over India with vital PC usage skills. Provide training in schools and make them realize that PC is a necessity and not a “luxury” in any household today.

It demonstrates how a PC can facilitate better education for students via a multi-pronged

approach of offline training, on-ground competitions, and digital resources.

Every parent can begin with PC-learning method and see the difference in due time.

Let’s ‘Aarambh’ a new way of learning and join hands with Dell India towards raising awareness around Anti Rote Day, 10th of June

Happy Teaching and Happy Learning!

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21 thoughts on “A step towards “Digital India” – Say no to rote learning

  1. Loved your article. Understanding the concept is more important than just reproducing verbatim what is written in books. Once you understand a concept it is easier to apply and use it. And computers are truly paving a way to better knowledge assimilation.

  2. India is moving towards Digital Learning! Many schools have introduced smart classrooms. Dell’s initiative has been great in digitizing learning – with puzzles and flash cards & more children, development is bound to accelerate.

  3. Ever since I became a parent, I have been worrying about screen time for myself and my little one. But given the advancements, it is impossible to be completely away from screens. Plus, if it is educative as this one it is only beneficial for the kids.

  4. I read about this initiative earlier today and i was pleasantly surprised. Thank you for a detailed post and yes, Dell, this move was necessary bcz as a child i have come across folks who support rote learning which is lethal to a child’s overall development

  5. That’s a very informative post. I agree India is moving ahead in digital world. Its become very easy and conveint for everyone

  6. This is really informative. I always try to inoculate the concept of understanding in my kids instead if rote learning, things which they understand will lasts forever in their memory.

  7. Today’s kids are smarter than our generation and even they would not take rote learning. Digital learning is for everyone. It also saves up time and kids grasp things for good.

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