About Me

Hello Guys !

I’m so glad you spared some time to know about me and the blog!

So let’s get talking about me first and then the website. I am a true blue Mumbaiite, married and settled in Noida, blessed with a baby girl recently, named her Anamta. So yes we can say I have two children to nurture 💕 , Baby Anamta and the blog ( in that order only)
I am an MBA in marketing from Pune , got placed at an MNC in Delhi , ever since then I’ve been around Delhi region.Trying to make friends with this place!

I’ve worked with 2 MNCs in my complete tenure of 8 years , didn’t enjoy the second stint and hence quit to take a break and then vollaaa this blog happened.

And did I mention that I am a digital marketing manager by profession. So yes it makes blogging all the more fun!

So whats in the blog for you?
Lots of crisp reviews / write ups/experiences about life, lifestyle, parenting , health, travel. Also I’m open to feedback about anything and everything you like or dislike about mumfiesta.
There’s a comment section below every write-up. We can also connect on farha.shaikh2309@gmail.com

Would love to hear from you time and again ..