How my online shopping experience has changed over time

Back in the days when I was shopping for my trousseau, I ordered branded bags and shoes online and it was all a very new experience. I remember my dad being concerned about the genuineness of the products and whether I would be able to return or exchange them. 

When I think about it all now, it seems I have come a long way when it comes to shopping online. From shopping for clothes, home decor, gadgets and appliances, grocery, personal care products and even diapers, I rely on online shopping more and more because of several reasons. 

Quality Shopping

For me, a quality shopping experience matters a lot. Online shopping platforms ensure that I get my orders on time and provide assistance too. To give an insight into it, I was working on a campaign for which I was required to wear matching outfits with my daughter. It was the festive season and required me to make a last-minute purchase. I requested a quick delivery and the very next day, Flipkart’s Wishmaster delivered the outfits. That’s dedication and promise I can always rely on.

Shop across locations from the comfort of your home

In addition to quality service, I also appreciate the fact that excellent logistics and facilities make it possible for me to shop from far-flung places for their signature products. I can shop for Kanchipuram sarees from Tamil Nadu, a bandhani lehenga from Gujarat, or a pashmina shawl from Kashmir, all from the comfort of my home. 

When I think about all this, I realize the huge impact e-commerce platforms make in the lives of small business owners by allowing them to sell beyond the boundaries of their city or town, and the crucial part it plays in the growth of the MSME sector. 

E-commerce policies that care

For a seller platform to grow, they must take care of all stakeholders. A case in point is new policies adopted by the e-commerce giant Flipkart to support their employees and families.  Initiatives like Family Support Policy provide support to the families of the employees who succumbed to the pandemic, which includes life insurance cover, educational support, medical insurance cover, financial planning assistance and accelerated ESOP vesting. 

Flipkart also introduced an unlimited medical insurance cover for their employees and with the FlexBen policy, employees can customize the benefits based on their individual needs which enables them to choose covers for their families. The e-commerce giant also took care of the vaccination of all of their employees by arranging vaccination drives and also vowed to bear the vaccination cost of five dependents of each of their employees.

Being a mom, a blogger and a homemaker, shopping online saves a lot of my time as I get quality products right at my doorstep. As a consumer, I know that I am part of the change that’s sweeping the country. When I shop from a business that’s listed on an e-commerce platform, I support the artisans and small business owners. In a way, I get a chance to be a part of the difference it is making in shaping our country’s economy. 

30 thoughts on “How my online shopping experience has changed over time

  1. Certainly online shopping is a boon.It has made life simpler and shopping at least going for groceries etc less cumbersome. No standing in long queues at billing counters.

  2. Online shopping has really made so many advances over the few years they have been around. We depend on them for nearly everything now.

  3. Family Support Policy by Flipkart is something new that I’hv come across and want to know more about it.

  4. Flipkart has given a digital platform to Indian artisans and small businesses to trade and sell their products to consumers with ease.

  5. Flipkart has given a digital platform to Indian artisans and small businesses to trade and sell their products to consumers with ease………

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