How to hire a good Criminal Defence Attorney

Most of us don’t have criminal defense attorney in our contact list. That’s because we don’t worry about getting arrested. But in the rare event we or someone we love, gets into a soup and needs to find a good criminal attorney as soon as possible , I’ve listed a few tips to find a great Criminal Defense Attorney

If you choose to hire a criminal defense attorney, how do you find a good one?

1. Start with word-of-mouth.  Any friends who are lawyers know other lawyers in other fields.  They may be able to refer you to someone good, or at least refer you to someone knowledgeable who can then refer you to someone with the skills to do your case.

2 .Look on the internet, though this method is scattershot at best. Sometimes the attorneys who pop up first may not be the best. They could merely be the ones who invested the most money in Google ads or search optimization.  Yes, this shows they have good business acumen, but not necessarily good trial chops. That said, because we are now in 2019, the best attorneys should have a decent web site that includes accomplishments, client reviews, important cases, and easy-access contact information. I’d look for how long this attorney has been practicing criminal law.  How many trials have they handled?  Did they come from a prosecutor or public defender background? (You make the choice who would be more suited for your case.) You can always then cross reference with a general Google search of the person’s name to see if he or she has handled any high-profile cases or has popped up in the news.

3. The amount of money a person charges doesn’t always correlate with excellence.Don’t we correlate quality with money? Most of us do the same, we feel that if the lawyer is charging a lot, he definitely ought to be good.

4. Beware of web services that claim to rate lawyers. Their rating model is uneven at best.  Some of it makes sense.  They ask lawyers to solicit reviews from their clients and claim to have a system that ensures the reviews aren’t fake. However, their 1-to-10-star rating is based, in part, on what the attorney is willing to pay.  For example, all lawyers get solicitations from organizations selling accolades like “Best Of” awards.  Mail comes in from, let’s say, Lawyers of Distinction.  The letter states, “You’ve been chosen to be named among the 100 BEST Lawyers of the Year.”  The price, Rs.25,000.Web Services will award you an extra star if you pay for such an endorsement. 

So how do you really know your lawyer is the right one for you?  Do they listen to your questions and answer them intelligently whether the news is good or bad?  Do they appear knowledgeable, have a web presence, seem at home in court, and have a reputation for fighting like hell?

I stumbled across Mike G Law and found them to Experienced and Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney

At Mike G Law, they vigorously protect clients facing a broad range of criminal charges. For decades, they have been fighting for clients’ rights. They know the struggles that a person may face when charged with a crime, and they definitely know how to build a case that can protect our rights. The reputation they have garnered — in the legal community and beyond — for their work as a defense lawyer is something of which they are absolutely proud of. Dozens of judges and lawyers who are familiar with their legal ability and ethical standards are all of the opinion that they are at the highest level in their area of expertise.

When one hires Mike G Law they work to take away all the stress, anxiety and sleepless nights one has been having. The best part is their firm offers a free initial consultation and accepts all major credit cards. Payment plans also available to make it easy for us

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  1. I really agree with that point where you said people usually think if someone is charging more then he/she is going to be good. And in few cases it’s not true. People really charge more. Thanks for sharing. It was quite informative

  2. That’s a very informative and helpful post. I will keep this in mind if I need some assistance in future

  3. I really love the way you are educating us on how to hire a right lawyer. In my opinion lawyer and doctor we must hire with all facts checked. They are two crucial and very important person in our life when we need them.

  4. Important topic especially nowadays if suppose you had a brush with the law, this is what you have to know. I totally didn’t know about this at all and thanks for sharing so much in detail.

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