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Importance of disposable diaper changing mats

I still remember the time we (my husband and I) got to know of my pregnancy, the happiness had not even sunk in properly, and we called dibs on not doing the nappy changes. Hubby and I tried to push that responsibility on each other. Can’t blame us, right? We thought of diaper changes as unhygienic, and it immediately conjured up ideas of smelly, soiled sheets, and other images which would elicit reactions on the lines of ‘Ewwww’! Of course, that was before we even knew what we were getting into. After that, I started my research to learn how we could maintain hygiene and ensure that the diaper changes won’t be so traumatic, for the baby as well as for us.

Newborns may need their diaper changed 10 times in a day (or more!) to help keep them fresh and clean. We needed to ensure that we do it right! I realized that baby changing mats play a key role in establishing a healthy nappy change routine.

Why are diaper changing mats essential?

These mats provide a hygienic space to work on and ensure that the risk of spreading germs is very less. They are soft and comfortable for the baby. They keep things clean when we are dealing with toilet material, and they help us manage the process of a diaper change much more easily. They are also brilliant to use if we are on the move with our child as there are portable versions available, that can be used anywhere and everywhere. I’ve switched to a portable and disposable version of these, which is Teddyy Changing Mat, in order to make diaper duty just a little less crappy.

The Teddyy changing mats are my favorite because of all their amazing features listed below:

1. Highly Absorbent: They are made of high-quality absorbent material which absorbs faster, keeping the baby dry and comfortable, also reducing the chances of spill accidents.

2. Anti-Bacterial Cover: Since a lot of the baby’s sensitive area is exposed during nappy changes, it’s important that the area is germ-free, to keep infections and diseases at bay. The anti-bacterial core and hypoallergenic formula of the Teddyy diaper changing mat keep the baby healthy/allergy-free.

3. Criss-cross Design: The criss-cross design of the Teddyy changing mats prevents leakages and spills and also provides a non-slippery surface. Don’t we all want our little one to be safe and secure at all times? So this should definitely be a strong point to consider before making a diaper mat purchase.

4. Baby Waterproof Mat: We certainly don’t want our expensive duvet to get soiled in poop or pee!! Its waterproof backsheet prevents liquids from seeping through the mat which prevents any unfortunate accidents.

5. Portable: A parent’s diaper duty is never done. For those on-the-go, who have to do diaper changes outside the house, a trusty, portable changing pad is a lifesaver. We never know where we will have to put the baby down, but at least we have a clean, soft surface ready when we need it. The Teddyy changing mats can be easily folded away so they take up very little space in the bag. You can easily stash a couple of them in a diaper bag. They are very easy to carry. These convenient changing mats are our travel companion everywhere we go.

6. Size: Yes, it’s just about the right size to place an infant or a toddler. I like the size as it also has room to place the other essentials required for diaper change helping me maintain complete hygiene for babies. The exact size is 60mX60cm.

7. Multipurpose: These changing mats are multipurpose. They not only help during diaper changes but they can be used during massage, can be placed in the pram or on the bed before placing the baby to ensure a safe, soft and hygienic area.

Priced at Rs. 299/- for 10 disposable mats, the Teddyy changing mats have made their way into our lives and our baby care kit for good. You too can check them out at Amazon!!

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13 thoughts on “Importance of disposable diaper changing mats

  1. I must say this is so important for the babies diaper bag and necessary for every mom…You have really explained so well about the important !!

  2. This looks like a very useful thing for hygiene and disease free procedure of diaper cleaning specially on the go. Hope this doesn’t involve any plastic.

  3. When I was a new mother I was learning about all this slowly. Diaper changing mats are important but I hadn’t a clue that disposable mats are also available. I used to use the generic plastic mats.

  4. Diaper changing mats are a necessity today for new parents… This looks really soft, absorbent and safe… Will share this with my mom friends!

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