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Importance of relevant pregnancy & nursing clothing

“This is my first Mothers Day and it sent me reminiscing into my pregnancy days and early days with Anamta. I remember in those days being filled with an unexperienced joy which made my heart overflow, even with all the struggles of nausea, growing body which after a while became difficult to live with, swollen feet, and the list just goes on.  Am sure all you mamas out there understand what I am talking about here! But I still felt all these struggles were real and couldn’t really be controlled by me, atleast not completely.

The one struggle which I did have control over was deciding the clothes I wore.  I had heard a lot that maternity clothes are barely available, are ugly and even if half decent, are expensive.  But then I thought to myself, just the way one dresses according to the weather, why cant there be clothes which are relevant for maternity and nursing.  After all we mom’s are a significant portion of the consumer markets.  If one wears light fabrics & pastels in summers to beat the heat, am sure for pregnancy there would be relevant clothes; ie clothes that are in comfortable fabric yet don’t compromise the style aspect. 

One should be dressed relevant: when pregnant wear relevant maternity wear and when nursing wear relevant nursing wear.  And this should be possible without giving up on one’s own kind of style or comfort.     

My search for relevant pregnancy & nursing clothing brought me to Mamacouture. A brand obsessed with dressing the pregnant and new moms stylishly without compromising on the comfort aspects.  They have an entire range of bottom wear (leggings, denims, trousers, joggers), dresses and tops designed by experts in pregnancy fashion, which are stylish, bold and fashionable.  Most of the dresses and tops also have a nursing option, keeping the use of the garment for longer. As for fabric, they are all made in soft and light weight fabrics which drape the belly comfortably and gracefully. I am in the picture above wearing a maternity and nursing tunic top from them announcing the arrival of my little Anamta, which I wore for nursing her at home or on the move, and remember feeling smartly dressed and comfortable.  As for being expensive, you will be surprised: Check out their collection and shop yourselves a fashionable pregnancy this Mother’s Day

Use Code “mumfiesta2019″ to avail a special 20% discount.  ” 

6 thoughts on “Importance of relevant pregnancy & nursing clothing

  1. Waao..this looks like expecting mom’s have some relief now as they can have some comfortable outfits during pregnancy..

  2. Wow, this is great, it will help a lot of soon-to-be mommas and new mommas as well to get some nice comfortable pieces for them.

  3. Wao,im thrilled to know of such stylish clothes available for pregger gals! It seriously used to be a struggle finding right kind of maternity basics ;let alone be stylish;but kudos to such brands with such sensibilities

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