Mojoco Coconut Water :Myth or Miracle?

So in my quest of staying healthy, I’ve decided to give sugary drinks a pass and balance my electrolytes with natural and healthy drinks!
Slowly and steadily this has become an important part on my morning routine infact an essential.

We are all very aware of the benefits of Coconut water, however a few apprehensions always cross our minds, After a lot of research I’ve been able to detail a few below:

Some coconut water myths busted :

  • Coconut water on empty stomach is bad.

No, Drinking coconut water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach can help in many ways. It helps in hydrating the body and boosting energy to go throughout the day.

  • Too much coconut water is bad for me.

Anything in excess can have I’ll effects!Its the best if you plan on using it for mild hydration and balancing electrolytes.

  • Is Packaged coconut water safe?

Better than other sports drinks for sure, The easy to go packs make it convenient to carry.You can choose packs with 100% natural coconut water which is extracted without any human intervention and hence has a good shelf life.

I recently received goodness in a tetra pack (Mojoco samples) and details are below:


What is Mojoco?
It is a Delicious Natural Tender Coconut Water Energy Drink which comes in a 200 ml tetra pack

Why Mojoco?
100 % Natural Coconut water
It gives energy and good for health
Cholesterol free, low calorie energy drink.
Enriched with vitamin and minerals
It is good for children, men and women giving instant energy and a refreshing boost

Just like fresh coconut water the taste varies from pack to pack , ensuring trust of the source

Availability :
It’s easily available offline at leading stores and hypermarkets.
Online : @amazondotin @bigbasketcom

My take on Mojoco Coconut water:
Apna apna nariyal paani is what the brand has positioned it as and quite rightly it has become my very own!
It is rich in Vitamins & Minerals, making it a perfect energy drink! These travel friendly packs have made it my favourite on-the-go drink.

Ratings : 4.5/5

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