My Healthy Baby is Proof That Ayurvedic Baby Massages Are the Way to Go decision

In today’s day and age, a lot of age-old practices are written off. However, when it comes to baby massages, they still hold the same importance as they did for older generations. Right from my grandma to the doctor to my mum, all of them are strong advocates for massaging the baby with an Ayurvedic massage oil, and now even I have joined the bandwagon! I’m here to tell you why I’ve chosen to go the Ayurvedic route.

It is established that the way we take care of our babies in the early years impacts development. Nourishing your newborn baby’s skin with highly effective oils is an important part of ensuring that his muscles and bones get strong and healthy. Authentic Ayurvedic oils like Dabur Lal Tail maximise the benefits, as they are an amalgamation of natural herbs and oils. Read my take on using this oil on my baby so that you, too, can make an informed decision

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