Parenting Life Made easy with Baby Wipes

“Ewwww” we would exclaim during my pregnancy whenever my husband and I spoke about changing baby diapers. We would often want to shrug the responsibility on to the other.

Come to think of it, now we both are actively involved in the peeing and pooping process of the baby! Now that transition has taken place because things are more convenient and hassle-free


It’s no secret that parenting is a messy job, and really, I don’t think we can ever be fully prepared for it. The good news is that we do what we can and learn the rest along the way…and it starts the day you first hold that swaddled bundle in your arms.

Since every child is different, so is every messy situation and parenting challenges. I’m still learning and growing right along with the baby. But I will say this: I have mastered quite a few ways to make mom life just a little easier.

Also upon a lot of research, I realized that baby skin is”

–          very prone to rashes.

–          paper-thin.

–          burns very easily.

Hence a lot of care needs to be taken that the baby is safe and the best health is ensured.

Taking care of a baby involves looking after his hygiene as well. Diapering for me like stated earlier has been quite a sensitive topic. So with trial and error, I learnt that:

For the initial few months, our precious little baby is happy feeding, sleeping and pooping! Although this cycle may be happening every three hours, it can seem endless. So usually a baby requires eight to ten diaper changes a day.

But just diapering alone will not be sufficient for the baby. With every diaper-change, the baby’s skin can be vulnerable to rashes and dryness, and if it is not cleaned properly, it could put the baby at risk for bacterial infections. And as moms, we need to be very careful of what we are using on your baby’s skin.

Grandma’s believe in their age-old method of the langot and wet cloth, and so was I influenced a lot on choosing this method instead too. When my baby was born doctors used wet wipes to clean the butt area, it got me thinking that doctors would never resort to any product which may harm a newborn. Ever since then I’ve been using them and my life has become very convenient and hygienic

Baby wipes are a diaper-changing must-have for every mom. Because they are very convenient to use, baby wipes are not only used on baby’s bottoms but also their face, hands and other areas that need some cleaning up. Wet wipes can be a nappy changing essential. They’re a convenient alternative to cotton wool and water, help with hygiene, and in a pinch, there’s nothing they can’t wipe clean.

I’ve jotted down some tips that help you to use baby wipes safely:

1. Use wipes that are alcohol-free and unscented as they will minimize irritation

2. Avoid rubbing the bottom of the baby with wipes during nappy change. Wipe slowly and gently

3. Applying a thin layer of baby cream ( I use the Lotus Herbals baby + Happy Bums Diaper Rash creme) to baby’s bottom after every nappy change

4. Buy the chemical free baby wipes that are easily available in the market nowadays. I’ve started using the Lotus herbals baby+ range They’re gentle on my baby’s sensitive skin, and if you are like me who feel bad about using chemicals to clean her. Good news is that these are 99% natural!

About Lotus Herbals Baby+ wipes

1. These wipes are slightly larger than standard wet wipes, which is a bonus when you’re dealing with a wriggly toddler or particularly mucky nappy change of an infant.

2. The wipes are beautifully soft, which is especially nice when you’re using them on a nappy rash or to wipe a little face

3. I tested them on my little infant and would advise to use it for a delicate newborn as well because they’re chemical free, and nicer to use than cotton wool and water.

4. These are really great wipes for babies and toddlers – really reassuring to know there’s nothing in them to irritate young skin.

5. The thickness is just right, the moisture on it is very good. It cleans well, it didn’t cause any rash and it has a great price!

6. These have an ideal pH  value of 5.5, are tested for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic and these naturally scented baby wipes are extremely gentle and kind to babies’ skin.

7. They are 99% derived from natural extracts, are soothing as they contain calendula and green tea extracts.

8. They come in a handy resealable pack which keeps them from drying out. The mini packs are great for the handbag.

9. The wipes are very easy to take out one at a time, a big bonus for me as I hate it when several come out at once or they all get bunched up.

Using wipes for only one of those ways? These serve as all-purpose wipes for me! They’ve changed my parenting life.

Even when I’m not changing a diaper, I use the wipes, on myself that is! And for the following:

1. Makeup remover.

Days will turn into nights which turn into days again, and sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. When I can’t find the cleanser, haven’t been to the store to replenish it, or just need a clean face to hit the pillow, grab a wipe and feel fresh again. By the way, Baby Wipes makes a great clean up tool!

2. Cleaning baby faces and other parts.

We have just started weaning and since it’s my first too it does get quite messy with food over my face as well as hers and wipes clean it up SO much better than a paper towel or kitchen rag. And while I’m at it, I use that wipe to clean off the highchair, too. It really does a good job

3. Air freshener.

I’ve dabbed a few drops of my favourite essential oil on a wipe and put it in the diaper pail (you’ll soon realize it needs a freshener!), in a basket on the changing table, or in a dresser drawer to work like a scented sachet.

4. Clean toys.

I sanitize the toys and then wipe them with a wet wipe.

5. Summertime cool-down.

The hot weather get to you too? I stash a pack of wipes in the fridge for the temps spikes and then I’m all ready for a cool dip like feel.

Baby wipes are also gaining importance in the western countries as per a report by

Using toilet paper doesn’t clean our derrières properly and could cause worrying health problems, experts warn.

Using alternatives like a wet wipe, the bacteria are killed or rinsed away which prevents it from causing an infection.

With myriad uses for babies and adults, non-toxic wet wipes work wonders, you can visit for details.

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  1. Today, it’s really hard to imagine living without wipes! I love using baby wipes on my skin… I have always loved lotus products! These wipes look good!

  2. Amazing and insightful post. Lotus baby wipes is best for the kids. These baby wipes are best suited for kid’s hygiene. These baby wipes are soft and delicate on toddlers skin. Great thoughts.

  3. Lotus is already a good brand so I know their baby care range is also good. But disnt kbow about their wipes. Will use it for sure. Loved the packaging

  4. Choosing the right baby wipes is not easy task. Lotus baby wipes sounds safe to use for baby skincare regime

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