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Managing a toddler during Coronavirus

All of us are feeling overwhelmed, over burdened, a little sad ,lost ,mostly adjectives with negative connotations right? Honestly I resonate the same feelings. I understand its easier said than done and. But these are testing times and we have to come through them victoriously

For managing an energy ball at home will need us to manage ourselves first.Lets not feel guilty if we are not enjoying cooking ,even if we are not able to manage the household chores effectively.

Your own mental well being is very important and pushing your feelings down can lead to anxiety and outbursts. Dedicate some time for some pampering yourself, some me time .Nobody saw this coming and we were not prepared for this. Ofcourse these are very difficult times especially for our kids. My baby loves it outdoor , Infact she stands at the door everyday calling out to the stray dogs.

So its important for us to take it easy on them
For us moms who are going through so much , It’s ok if you’re not able to put up a homeschool environment setup for your child. It’s also ok if your child is taking up more screen time than the usual, if we are allowing a tad bit more junk food, or the baby makes a mess as soon as we clean up.

They are dealing with this situation at a very tender age. For them to cooperate is of utmost importance.
We need to take it easy on them and I repeat Take it easy on yourself.Our kids are used to playing in the parks, enjoy their messy play, meet their friends, , enjoy on the swing and slides, enjoy their ice creams. Basically be carefree and not being caged.
So I would suggest to make a little schedule , not a very strict one but its always good to have some things in place

Try making a little schedule for you and the baby, incorporate what the baby enjoys doing the most
Also this is a time when baby immunity should be extremely high because we really don’t want to visit doctors so healthy and tasty recipes are a key. Banana whole wheat cake or oats pancake , nutella roti etc . we can experiment according to our babies tastes and moods. Milk ofcourse is very important so it has to be included.

Toddlers of 1-2 years age group mostly are filled with energy and the trick is that I play energy consuming games with her. Like hide n seek or peek a boo. Dancing, Fetch the ball etc where mostly I am stationary and shes doing the running around  (I hope she doesn’t read this when she grows up, facepalm ;-*

Some educational games also “Peppa Pig early learning chart of ABC , numbers” are also a good ideaSomething very interesting I found on google is animals and birds in 3D, theyre like almost live with their different sound. You can also watch those animals in your own space find it very fascinating.We can also hold these babies as weights while we exercise. For us this goes on until she wriggles out  We do some colouring too but I have to keep very strict vigil on her as she tends to put everything in her mouth.Would recommend you moms out there to take care of the same

I also give her some pots and pans from the kitchen which are unbreakable ,Now that my daughter is not interested in toys so this always works for her

However I recommend different set of activities for Toddlers from 2- 4 years of age.
Toddlers like feeling useful, so clear some cupboard space and fill it with your child’s plastic eating utensils, wooden spoons and an inexpensive, pot, pan and mixing bowl. Make sure it’s at child-level so they can access it at will. Kids love finding stuff in cupboards.

Another curious toddler interest is sorting stuff – laundry into piles, different coloured/shaped pasta into groups, toys into categories, cutlery drawer, shoes into pairs – so root out (or create) jumbles of items and get them to order it.
Keep them active when indoors by having jumping, skipping, dancing sessions – it will tire them out and give you a bit of a workout too.

Play dough can be introduced. Slime as well. 

Some little bit of gardening etc 
For toddlers – Age four-six can be introduced to flameless cooking

Ask them to help lay the table for dinner 

Role plays like setting up dens and forts or doll houses. 

Drawing pictures, or printing outlined images off the internet for colouring in are always good for keeping busy, and when you need a solid hour to finish 

Also, please remember we are all in this together , And we shall emerge victorious out of this situation

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