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Say No To Rote Learning With #DellAntiRoteDay

Rewind a few years and you’d see how education was primarily dominated by rote learning. No other learning method was known to us.I was fair at mugging up and hence my grades were good too. Later in life, I realised the key mantra to be successful in any field is to understand the concepts in detail instead of mugging it up.

With the world going digital in this modern era, the concept of learning has widely changed. As a mom, I feel it’s my responsibility to leverage this opportunity and facilitate PC learning over rote learning to help Anamta explore better avenues for the future.

Let’s understand what is Rote Learning?

Rote Learning is a memory method that involves repeating information over and over again. Also known as drilling, it is a method used to teach growing children the alphabet, numbers, and multiplication tables.

As a mom I do not advocate rote learning method due to the following reasons:

This method of learning is less useful for situations that require understanding because too much repetition is exhaustive for the brain. Children may know the concept, but may not know how or where to apply.

Why I advocate PC learning for all children:

  • PC learning gives access to various resources of learning like e-books, videos and FAQ Forums which help understand concepts in detail.
  • PC learning also helps in problem solving.
  • PCs have supplied infinite resources for learning and made education more flexible. It is also possible to organise huge data and access it easily when required.
  • With my own personal experience I can say that it helps in the overall development of children- Anamta has learnt her alphabet, nursery rhymes, animal sounds and object identification through PC learning. Also she is able to apply her knowledge in real life, which reassures me of my choice.

We as a family advocate PC learning over rote learning and to mark our choice we’ve taken the #DellRattaPapadChallenge and here’s the video, you can participate in the fun #DellAarambhInitiative too to create awareness around PC learning and its benefits


Dell Aarambh is a pan-India “PC for Education” initiative engineered to enhance learning using the power of technology.

 To support an online learning environment at home Dell Aarambh has organised a fun webinar for parents on their website. Please click the link to register:

Let’s evolve with the evolving world of technology! Let’s together bring about this change! I’ve taken my first step in the right direction; hope you are doing your bit too!

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19 thoughts on “Say No To Rote Learning With #DellAntiRoteDay

  1. Amazing initiative by Dell and you, we need to make kids understand concepts more than just mugging up

  2. I feel there’s a lot of pressure on the brain when we try to rote learn,we’ve been victim of such headless learning

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