“Share the load for equal sleep”

‘Sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together.’ Enough sleep is just as important for good health as nutrition and exercise. Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad campaign conceptualised by BBDO tells us how uneven distribution of household chores like laundry is coming in the way of women getting enough sleep and rest.

 While we acknowledge the importance of sleep in children, we often fail to recognise its importance in the lives of women. Not getting sufficient sleep or having a poor quality of sleep affects both the mind and the body. Women are mentally working round the clock and physically more than we can contribute. A loss of deep sufficient hours of sleep is most damaging towards their health. It is a stage where body restores its energy levels, repairs and regenerates tissue to strengthen the immune system. A survey conducted by Nielsen revealed that 71% of women in India sleep less hours than men due to household chores. Men not taking enough responsibility at home can have a very deep impact on the health and mental peace of a woman.Although many women do not realise this as they are often raised to be that one person on whose shoulders all household responsibility is placed. In such circumstances, if any chore is missed the blame lies with the woman and increases her mental load as well. In most of the houses, women are the first to wake up and last to sleep.  

Ariel has played a very significant role in bringing awareness among the masses, especially amongst men that House Work is Gender-Neutral.’  From 79% men in 2014 thinking that washing clothes is only a woman’s job to the number steadily declining to 41% in 2019, Ariel has made a significant contribution in breaking this mindset. Now, they have taken the onus to set the bar higher in 2020.

Another survey ranks laundry as the easiest chore for men to begin with, and most men agree with this fact. Taking a cue from these findings, Ariel is working towards positioning laundry as the first step towards creating equal division of chores in households. Most of the women when questioned, would like to sleep in their free time instead of doing any other activity. When husbands contribute their bit, even in small ways, life becomes a smooth journey for both the partners. ‘Great marriages are the result of a consistent investment of time, thoughtfulness, affection, mutual respect and a rock-solid commitment between a husband and a wife.’ Chores around the house are shared responsibilities, and doing a good job dividing up the housework is essential to ensure a happy marriage.

With the society going through a revolution, more men are realising the importance of their contribution in home chores for a healthier life partner. Figuring out how to share the load is one of the hardest and most essential parts of a marriage. While it is never okay for a man to dismiss his own responsibility in a shared household as ‘women’s work’, it is also not okay for spouses to take each other for granted. Ariel has never been afraid to shake things up a bit, and question the ways things function in our society. By calling out the gross inequality in our households by means of a film from the eyes of an innocent child, they drive home the point without placing blame on anyone. The narrative is simple, things worked in a certain way – but that way is no longer relevant with more women stepping out and carrying forward successful careers. It’s my plea to each person within the household, may it be man, son, daughter, father-in-law; step up to #ShareTheLaundry and start to #ShareTheLoad. The women in your houses need you, and might never ask. But you can help by taking up one simple task!

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